Sunday, August 19, 2007

Maintain diversity! Coexistence and Prosperity!

When I started to learn Gu Zeng, my teacher seriously corrected my postures, hands and fingers locations, perspectives, etc..... The teacher said, more accurate postures, hands and fingers locations, perspectives would play more beautiful music.

With the development of sciences and technologies, robot technologies are increasingly developed. People will develop robots which can play Gu Zeng, their postures, hands and fingers locations, perspectives must be most accurate. If more accurate postures, hands and fingers locations, perspectives can play more beautiful music, robots must play most beautiful music. Similarly, painting, sport, and many areas, robots will complete more tasks more precise.

But while we creating more accurate music, painting and other thing, we also will lose unique personal styles, we will lose diversity. If teachers had been asking, Picasso, Blind A Bing to only use standard methods, today we would not see such rich and colorful cultural heritage¡£

In the modern society we have been using more and more machinery products instead of traditional hand made products. While enhancing our productivity, machinery production let us also lose too many unique beautiful.

Everyday, we are using the same machine-made exquisite furniture, we have lost unique creative furniture which have contained carpenter¡¯s joy, sadness or a sudden inspiration; We are wearing the same clothes, we have lost special designs made by tailors; We are wearing the best brand name clothes, we have lost the clothes made by mom, normally there was a special hand embroidered rose in the chest of the clothes, you designed the rose and your mom embroidered it on each of your clothes. That was your own Badges.

We have seen:-

More and more traditional clothes were replaced by Western dresses and leather shoes.

We opened up large tracts of wastelands, planted unitary species which took into consideration of economic benefits;

We reclaimed land from the sea to take into consideration of economic benefits, or make greenbelts;

We dug everywhere which possibly had some kinds of mineral resources;

We cut down wildwoods and planted economic forests for needs of our rapid economics growing.

We reclaimed wastelands to make farmlands to meet our needs of food and others.

We developed advanced new technologies which are only taking into consideration of economic benefits and immediately put into use.

Our earth has been changed by us to benefit human beings. While we changing the earth, we can see ecological environment deteriorates. Many species have disappeared£¬the main reason was because of the excessive exploitation of nature£»Oceans, rivers, lakes, land and even air have been seriously polluted; Climate warming has become a particularly impressed consequence to everyone.

The Origin of Species£¬On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favored Races in

the Struggle for Life. If you believe in C.R.Darwin, You will also believe that all current species are best species which selected by our nature. Our Earth is a result of several billion years of development before it formed this beautiful Earth.

If you believe in God, God originally created mankind was to create the most perfect person. Because of Satan, Adam and Eve did not follow the God¡¯s guidance. But God love us! He sent Jesus Christ to us; in his blood washed our sins; and gave us a guide to paradise Road. From the Bible, we know that God is forever; away unquenchable. This explains material unquenchable scientific reasoning. ¡°Genesis The beginning¡± ¡°In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.¡± ¡°The Fall of Man 3-19¡± ¡°For dust you are and to dust you will return.¡±

God created the existence of a state of transformation from an existing state to another, and follow a genetic pattern in the reproductive growth on Earth.

God created all things, not only created things themselves, but also created the laws in the development of things. God lets everything has function to learn and self-improvement according to the law of the developments of things.

Biochain makes all biological maintain dynamic equilibrium. All things are mutual promotion and also mutual restraint. Everything has its own natural enemies. This makes all species can not breed excessively. And also everything can benefit from other species to live well.

There are not exact same thing in our earth. Everything has its unique beautiful. We can see:

Human beings don't have exact same ones; Natural plants don't have exact same ones; Animals don't have exact same ones; we view shells attentively, it is very hard to find two shells with same patterns.

We have various civilizations, cultures, customs and religions handed down to us from our ancestors; we have various painters, artists, musicians in various characteristic styles and manners. Every one of us also has different fancy.

All sorts of species and differences in one species enrich our nature. All kind of civilizations, cultures, customs and religions enrich our human society. We must maintain diversity, coexistence and prosperity; love, care and respect each other.

Protect Mother Nature! Cherish Mother Nature!

Protect different civilizations, cultures, customs and religions. Work together we can build a further better earth.

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