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Environmental protection manifests from small hobbies in family's daily life

Environmental Protection is one of the sternest topics in 21st century.

Government, social organizations and environmental protection volunteers have been working hard in many areas, such as: Legislation; developing Recycling Economy; protecting natural resources; developing and using the natural resources reasonably; governing pollution; protecting wild animals etc.

Mom never said she was an environmental protection volunteer, but in her whole life she has been fostering environmental protection hobbies in the family's daily life.

(1) Consciousness of waste recycling

Here was an example. One day I bought a skirt; I did not like the skirt-width lace and wanted to cut off. My mom said:"Don't just cut the lace off, cut it with half inch skirt. The skirt length is enough and the lace can be used in other things."

In Mom's whole life, she always has such consciousness: firstly thinking how waste will be recycled before producing trash. Mom never bought any vase, some special designed wine bottles were very nice vases. Medicine bottles could be used to put pepper powder, what you should do was just drilling some holes on the covers.

(2) Initiate using natural farm manure, biology agricultural chemicals and biological control plant diseases and insect pests.

During her whole life, Mom always initiated using natural farm manure, natural farm manure, biology agricultural chemicals and biological control plant diseases and insect pests. I had also learned a lot from her: Such as: peach leaf could kill fly and maggot; Yun been leaf can kill maggot; willow tree leaves boiled and sprayed the water to vegetables could kill aphids.

Mom was a farmer at her young age. Even she became a skilled worker; she still managed a small piece vegetable courtyard. Since 2001, mom and dad signed a contract to manage barren hill to plan trees and vegetables. She never earned one cents from her trees and vegetables. But almost all her friends, relatives and her neighbors had eaten a lot of her fruits and vegetables.

Mom likes natural food. Beside normal vegetables which we can find in supermarket, mom cooks a lot of edible herbs as common dishes in my family. China is abounding in natural Chinese herbal medicine resources. It takes very important role in the prevention and cure of diseases. nowadays£¬Chinese herbal medicines are not only medicines in the prevention and cure of diseases£¬it has furthermore become some common dishes in our dining-tables. It takes the most important part in having health food to improve health conditions. In her spare time, mom goes to hills and picks wild herbs; she can use edible herbs to make a lot of very delicious food. Such as: fry herbs; cook soups; steam herb with wheat flour; make dumpling; make Steamed stuffed bun; eat fresh herbs with the sauce( using hot water boil herbs for a while and eat with garlic sauce)¡­.

(3) Saving

Mom's saving hobbies maybe make a lot of people think she is parsimonious.
In our three meals a day, if we could not finish a dish at lunch time, we would keep it for dinner. Mom never threw away any food. Normally mom would not cook a dish with too much measure. Only if one dish could not be finished within 3 meals, mom would finally throw it away.

In our family we still wear some patched underwear; some quilts have been used for more than 20 years. One of my leisure pants was burnt down one hole. Mom patched it and made it looks like a pocket on the pants; other people even thought that it was a special designed pocket.

When mom made clothes, she saved strips. She could use cloth strips to make many beautiful and useful things in the family. (Above picture is a Flush toilet cover which made by cloth strips and inside is natural cotton)

Mom never bought any Cosmetic which was above RMB2 Yuan in her whole life.

But she has her own natural cosmetics: milk, egg, fruits and vegetables. I also use Mom's production "cherry toner" (soaks the cherry with grape wine in a pottery jar, and buries in the earth for half year). It can prevent and control frostbite.

Mom and dad bought a house 20 years ago and had a contract that the water was free charge for 20 years. But Mom still tried hard to save water and electricity. Raining days, Mom always saved rain water and washed clothes and cleaned house. In warmer weather, we would eat dinners at the garden, so everyday we can save one hour electricity.

Mom always reused waste packing sacks for many times and finally used them as trash bags.

Mom and dad fixed a solar energy water heater in the house. Every year, we could use warm water from late March until November.

Mom reserved whole families' old fashion clothes for many years. Mom always wished that one day old design clothes would again become popular, so that we could wear them again.

(4) Cherish Mother Nature and Respect Mother Nature.

Comparing with opening up all wastelands, planting unitary species which are taken into only consideration of economic benefits, Mom prefers some wastelands; Biochain makes all biological maintain dynamic equilibrium; Things live with peace, diversity, Coexistence and Prosperity.

What mom has done were just very small matters. But mom has already done a lot to protect our earth. Protect Mother Nature! Cherish Mother Nature!

Environmental protection should manifest from small hobbies in family's daily life.

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