Sunday, August 19, 2007

What kind of Healthy diet do you like?

Some Chinese farmers went to the United States to visit a modern chicken farm. They saw the most advanced coops; the nutritious chicken feedstuff which was processed according to the most advanced formula; they saw the most advanced sciences and technologies which could shorten the period of production of chicken. After returning to China, they immediately swung into action. They established standardized chicken farms, based on advanced technologies they learned of in USA. Their incomes from chickens increased twice.

However, in the mangroves of hillside which were outside the modern chicken farms, they used traditional method to feed a group of free-range farming chickens. They fed chickens with traditional wild vegetables, corns and other grains; Chickens searched insects to eat in the woods and grasslands, drank mountain spring water. After full, they slept on thick growth of grass in the bushes. Farmers called these kinds of chickens ¡°Strolling mountain chickens¡±.

These farmers did not eat chickens which were raised in the Modern chicken farms. They believed that these chickens which were raised in the modern chicken farms were not healthy diet, because chickens were artificially shorten their growth period; artificially changed their freedom lifestyle; artificially damaged the original nutritional content by adding nutritional additives. They sold these chickens to foreigners and city people who liked these chickens. And they only ate "Strolling mountain chickens".

Meanwhile, the modern chicken farms owners in USA and city people were fond of chickens which were raised in modern chicken farms. Because they believed that in modern chicken farms, chickens ate food with absolutely safe sanitation; chickens enjoyed the most suitable temperature and humidity conditions in the coops; artificial nutrition made an ordinary chicken become a nutritional additive chicken. Modern technologies could short a chicken¡¯s growth period; increase output. Why did not go ahead with modern chicken farms?

Similarly, in the field of grains, vegetables, fruits growing and other food area, we have seen the results of modern sciences and technologies; output increased; the harvest period has been shorten; transgenic Technology has been used to gain much achievement in animal breeding and plants which people believed they had higher nutrition or with a particular disease prevention capacity. Extensive using of pesticide and chemical fertilizer and high technologies, such as transgenic Technology has increased the quality and the output of grains, vegetables, and fruits.

Meanwhile, we also found such a phenomenon. While farmers planting large number of high-yield and disease-resistance of new high-tech varieties of grains, vegetables and fruits, to achieve good harvest to meet the demand of the increasing population growth; in rural areas, many people have currently planted quietly a little bit of the original low yield crops, vegetables and fruits as their own consumption. Such as a kind of peanut which is almost extinct; a kind of original high stalks wheat which is not lodging resistant. People also have started to eat more and more edible herbs instead of only having normal vegetables.

A lot of edible herbs are also China herbal medicines. China is abounding in natural Chinese herbal medicine resources. It takes very important role in the prevention and cure of diseases. Nowadays£¬Chinese herbal medicines are not only medicines in the prevention and cure of diseases£¬it has furthermore become some common dishes in our dining-tables. It takes the most important part in having health food to improve health conditions.

Although we have been hearing all kinds of negative reports, such as: the failure of various food additives; animal and plant growth hormone harmed our health. However, the population continues to expand. To extort enough food from the limited land resources to meet the needs of human life, modern sciences and technologies have ensured the supply of enough food.

While people enjoying rich harvest which brought by high technologies, we have also seen a new way of eating food---Only ate natural food---which was agreed by many people become popular quietly.

Please Note: The fast expanding world population

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